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Coming 2020



  • 2-4 players (3+ recommended)
  • full controller support (XBox One, Xbox 360, PS4) 
  • local coop with competitive elements; best played on your couch.
  • simple controls (2-"Button"-Game)
  • fast paced gameplay
  • shared health
  • easy to learn
  • online leaderboards
  • suitable for all ages


Sit back and grab your gamepads: xDasher is a fast paced couch coop game for 2-4 players, which leverages both competition and cooperation. Triumph over and with your friends, fight for high scores and feel victorious if you made it together!


Battle your way through increasingly challenging stages defeating waves of enemies and demanding bosses. The key to success is coordinating your team, precise dashing, good timing and a thorough understanding of both enemies and environment. Enemies can only be defeated if you work together! 


Each stage is hand crafted and each run consists of a number of randomly picked stages. After clearing all stages within a run a unique boss battle puts your team to the ultimate test! 


In the spirit of arcade competition your team will fight for the highest score on the online leaderboard. As a team you increase your score by killing enemies and advancing through the stages. As an individual player you can earn special awards to show off your prowess.


We are three Game Dev/Game Studies students from Germany working on xDasher in our free time. The original concept was deveopled at the regional Franken Game Jam in June 2019. 

Team xDasher:  Website

 Teasermusic composed by Jens Kiilstofte



We are currently reworking the score system and designing new enemies, bosses and a cleaner UI. 

If you want to get in touch, send feedback or keep up to date about the progress follow us here or on Twitter

Development log


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Looks awesome! Looking forward to play the release! :D

Nice work!