Prepare to dash: Our first gameplay demo is out now!

Dear future Dashers,

we are proud to announce that our first public gameplay demo is now available for download and as a WebGL build to play in the browser. We worked really hard the past months to get to this point. The goal of this demo is to test the basic gameplay features so any feedback you can provide is greatly appreciated.

xDasher is a fast-paced couch coop game for up to 4 Players. We recommend playing it with 3 to 4 Players to get the full couch coop madness experience!

Please note: This is an early gameplay demo. If you experience any bugs please report them to us via Itch, Discord or Twitter

Also: Online leaderboards are currently only available in the standalone version of the demo.


xDasher Gameplay Demo | Standalon Vers. 026 47 MB
Nov 28, 2019
xDasher Gameplay Demo | WebGL Vers. 026 Play in browser
Nov 29, 2019

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